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The Geography of My Photography

Being a long-time resident of Sausalito, California, I have confined my search for subjects to the transcendent beauty of San Francisco and the nearby Pacific coastline.  If I had another lifetime, I would not run short of compelling subjects within that small geography.  All the images included in the galleries in this website were taken in San Francisco and along or near the Coast between Pigeon Point 50 miles south of the Golden Gate and Point Arena 100 miles north of it. I have lived in the middle of this little piece of Northern California for 40 years. I know its back streets and back roads, its sidewalks and trails. That knowledge helps me isolate interesting subjects and find compelling perspectives. Most important, my proximity to my subjects allows me to re-visit them until I find them in evanescent light, and once in a great while, in perfect light. 

Confining my efforts to a small geography allows much pre-meditation in the creation of my images.  Even in a small area, in the search for evanescent light, pre-meditation is required.  So is luck.

A Brief Biography

My camera is an old Hasselblad 500CM.  I make few exposures and only some of those am I able to turn into images that appeal to my senses and emotions.  The images in the galleries of this website are among those that do.

I have been on a quest to learn to take evocative photographs since I was in the fourth grade, some sixty-four years ago.  I got serious about it as I entered middle-age.  I have been using a serious camera -- a Hasselblad -- and largely following the dictates of Ansel Adams' Zone System for the past 33 years. 

I have had a wonderful mentor for much of that time, a remarkable man by the name of Robert Byers.  Bob, among many other talents, is a widely acknowledged artist in the creation of black and white photographic images.  He has been a good friend and trusted advisor to many acclaimed photographers including Ansel Adams and Brett Weston.  Bob introduced me to serious black and white photography by urging me to study Ansel's Basic Photo Series, and then to buy a spot meter and practice composing images and analyzing their luminence ranges before I ever picked up a camera with black and white film in it.  As PhotoShop began to revolutionize photography, Bob began campaigning to get me out of the wet dark room and into the digital world via a film scanner and PhotoShop.

Bob's guidance and exhortations notwithstanding, I am largely self-taught as a photographer.  Over the last 33 years I have spent countless hours learning to integrate the arcane processes that can result in a photographic image that is accepted as art.  I have learned to frame an interesting composition;  to manage the camera's controls to achieve a dramatic blend of luminances;  to translate that composition and blend of luminances through development and digital processing of the film to produce an image that has some compelling sensory and emotional appeal.  

I expose very few negatives, but I give a lot of thought to the exposures I make: subject, perspective and light are all carefully considered.  I often return to a scene and re-shoot it, changing the perspective slightly or trying to improve the captured light:  tweaking my visualization of the image.  With some of my images, I have done this more than a half-dozen times seeking that moment when the light becomes like vapor.  

My prints hang in numerous private collections and in several corporate collections in offices and in public spaces in office buildings. I have exhibited several times in the Sausalito Art Festival. 
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