I sign each print. 

With each print I also provide a signed certificate which contains the following:

  • A Statement of Authenticity as follows -- "This print is made from an image which I exposed on black and white film.  I developed the film and then digitized the negative by use of a high resolution film scanner.  I then post-processed the digital file electronically to produce the cropping, tonal range and contrast that the print manifests.”
  • The image's Exposure & Development Record -- the date, time, and location of the exposure, as well as the camera and lens used, the exposure settings (including use of a filter), the film and development.

The certificate is ink-jet printed on an acid-free label.  I do not attach a certificate to the back of the print because if you decide to have your framer dry mount the print, the certificate on the back may emboss the print.  If you do drymount the print, then affix the certificate to the back of the mounting board.  If you don't have the print dry mounted (and never expect to), then you can affix the certificate to the back of the print itself.

Duplicate certifcates are available upon request if you want to attach a certificate to both the back of the print and the back of the frame.

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